Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

One of the most vital tasks you will need to accomplish if you are starting a new business or just maintaining your current business flow is marketing. This can be one of the most expensive areas for any business and often is a cause of great distress if there is difficulty in locating the target market or truly converting your marketing efforts on the bottom line.

These types of marketing issues can cause untold anxiety, especially for smaller firms. If you are on a low budget as a start-up however, there are still many ways in which you can effectively market your offering.

Hire Freelancers

If you do need to hire someone to assist you with marketing, you should consider hiring from one of the many online freelancing marketplaces such as UpWork or Ffiver. These types of sites can still provide you with the level of expertise you require, In fact you can have the freedom to be highly selective in your choice. The benefit here is often the bottom line cost. This is especially applicable if you are happy to hire from non-native speaking English countries, most of whom can still provide a fantastic service.

Something for Nothing

The expression, “no free lunch” is common. This doesn’t always apply however, especially if you can add some non-monetary incentives into the mix. Why not try reaching out to marketing channels and offering some of your businesses services free or at a discount in exchange for some marketing and exposure. This type of strategy is becoming increasingly common with the rise of social media influencers and ICOs in the crypto space who both often operate derivatives of this strategy. Any way in which you can seek to lower costs and still reach your intended demographic is positive.


These days we have access to some of the largest global platforms right in our living rooms or office spaces. These are of course, social media platforms. The world awaits us with the likes of Twitter and Instagram. As business goes, these are becoming the most vital channels to help market our services. With the right enthusiasm and commitment, we can easily get started here all by ourselves on promoting our business.

There is no telling when an advertisement may go viral and grow your business exponentially. Therefore, with the right amount of work and creativity, you could become the next global sensation.

Final Thought

Marketing need not be the hugely expensive task it is imagined to be. If you are willing to commit your own time and lots of effort, you can reach many of the same audience .Sure the timeframe may be a little extensive and the work much more intensive, but if the message is worth sharing, it will be heard.

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