Attracting Customers to your Tour Business

In the tour business as with most others, people are the most important factor. The lifeblood of your business, without whom you would cease to exist. It is therefore necessary to identify and implement the best possible strategies to both attract and retain this vital resource. By following our few simple steps, you can be well on your way to gaining a valuable customer base.

Pinpoint Your Market

Essential in any business to ensure focus and a clear message to your audience, but especially in the tour industry market. There are several demographics, all of whom possess a very different set of needs when it comes to tourism. One of your first concerns should be to identify which market you aim your tours toward. Your primary target.

In doing this however, you should try not to alienate other markets, all of which contain possible customers. A good example of this is shown by Disney. Though their primary concern and focus is indeed to focus on the family with children market, they also show broad appeal to other demographics through their intelligent marketing strategies and providing a diverse range of options to their guests.

Use Social Media Platforms

Regardless of your opinion, it is undoubted nowadays that the use of social media plays an integral role in business success and attracting customers. Make sure you do not neglect this outlet. Our article on how to utilize your facebook followers, has some very relevant information on this area.

Even the older, retired demographic is internet and social media savvy these days. Be sure to engage frequently and promote using some social media advertising, paid if necessary. This will help grow your reach significantly. With so many platforms out there these days, you can’t miss an opportunity to post the next viral photo or video.

Incentivize Your Customers

Offer some incentives such as promotional codes, discounts for booking within a certain time period and also, greatly encourage your customers to share their positive experience and reviews online. This could be by posting to their social media or review sites such as trip advisor. These are the go to resources for potential travelers and will have a key impact on your company success.

Convenient Booking

This should be a priority area. It is no use having the best deals and most exciting tours on the market if your customers have to endure an endless struggle to book them. It is a major gripe for guests and can easily push them to one of your competitors.

Consider implementing a convenient integrated booking solution with your company’s website. This can greatly increase convenience for your potential guests and offer a very effective service for your company.



As the old saying goes, the customer is king. In this case, the challenge is for you to reach your customer in the best possible way and combine that with the best possible service. By implementing some of the steps above, you will make great strides in positioning your tour company well within the industry.