Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

One of the most vital tasks you will need to accomplish if you are starting a new business or just maintaining your current business flow is marketing. This can be one of the most expensive areas for any business and often is a cause of great distress if there is difficulty in locating the target market or truly converting your marketing efforts on the bottom line.

These types of marketing issues can cause untold anxiety, especially for smaller firms. If you are on a low budget as a start-up however, there are still many ways in which you can effectively market your offering.

Hire Freelancers

If you do need to hire someone to assist you with marketing, you should consider hiring from one of the many online freelancing marketplaces such as UpWork or Ffiver. These types of sites can still provide you with the level of expertise you require, In fact you can have the freedom to be highly selective in your choice. The benefit here is often the bottom line cost. This is especially applicable if you are happy to hire from non-native speaking English countries, most of whom can still provide a fantastic service.

Something for Nothing

The expression, “no free lunch” is common. This doesn’t always apply however, especially if you can add some non-monetary incentives into the mix. Why not try reaching out to marketing channels and offering some of your businesses services free or at a discount in exchange for some marketing and exposure. This type of strategy is becoming increasingly common with the rise of social media influencers and ICOs in the crypto space who both often operate derivatives of this strategy. Any way in which you can seek to lower costs and still reach your intended demographic is positive.


These days we have access to some of the largest global platforms right in our living rooms or office spaces. These are of course, social media platforms. The world awaits us with the likes of Twitter and Instagram. As business goes, these are becoming the most vital channels to help market our services. With the right enthusiasm and commitment, we can easily get started here all by ourselves on promoting our business.

There is no telling when an advertisement may go viral and grow your business exponentially. Therefore, with the right amount of work and creativity, you could become the next global sensation.

Final Thought

Marketing need not be the hugely expensive task it is imagined to be. If you are willing to commit your own time and lots of effort, you can reach many of the same audience .Sure the timeframe may be a little extensive and the work much more intensive, but if the message is worth sharing, it will be heard.

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The True Meaning of Success

Of course, success if something that is different depending on who you’re talking to. Everyone has their own ideas and definition of what success is to them. Still, there are fundamental aspects of being successful that a common knowledge to all of your and that’s precisely the sort of thing that we want to highlight here.

First off, we’d like to start with the exact definition of success.

According to Dictionary, success is a noun and is defined as:

  • “The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. I.E. the accomplishment of one’s personal goals.”
  • “The attainment of wealth, position, honor or the like.”
  • “A performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honers.”
  • “A person or thing that has had success, as measured by attainment of goals or wealth.”

Therefore, as you can see, there are no exact definitions of success. In the end, it’s up to you to discover what success is and what it means to you.


The Real Definition of Success

In the end, you are the only person who can truly answer the question of how success is defined. As much as I’d love to, I’m not able or willing to describe to you what the true meaning of success is since it is different for every person. Every person out there sees success differently and has their own idea of what success truly is. Therefore, there are no exact definitions of what success is.

The most important thing is that you make yourself aware of your own accomplishments, successes and what they mean to you. For some people, success could be defined as driving luxury cars and living in a huge house, while others might simply defined success as living a life filled with happiness and joy.

By taking the time to figure out what is important to you, you’ll already be that much closer to defining your own definition of success. Then, once you have figured out what is important to you personally, you’ll be able to put more focus towards your own goals and personal vision.


What Success Means to You

The most important aspect of defining personal success is to know and understand what success means to you. After all, the true meaning of success goes far beyond the typical ideas of being wealthy or being highly educated.

On the other hand, success can be defined by simply being able to live a life that you’ve created and that you truly believe in. This, my friends, is the true meaning of success. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. The only thing that matters is how you see yourself and your own personal accomplishments.

The Best Foreigner Bars in Seoul

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Seoul oozes style and swagger. There are no end of fancy cocktail bars and upmarket nightclubs attended by all the stars of the day. Also present is the thriving domestic night scene of Karaoke bars and busy barbecue restaurants where the soju flows freely. Sometimes though, it is nice to feel at home, for that, here are some of the liveliest expat bars in Seoul where a good time…and hangover are almost a certainty.

The Wolfhound

For a traditional Irish welcome, there is no place quite like the Wolfhound. Located a short walk from Itaewon station, adjacent to the Hamilton Hotel. From double Jameson shots at ₩7000 each and some of the best Guinness this side of the emerald isle, this place is as Irish as it gets. With an Irish breakfast to cure any hangover, live sports on all the venues big screens and even a traditional Irish music gathering weekly, The Wolfhound is the perfect place for a friendly welcome and more than a few drinks.


A small piece of Canada in the heart of Seoul. Located in Haebonchon, a short walk from Noksapyong subway station, there is always something happening at this intimate watering hole. With regular live music in the basement to a menu packed full of delish food offerings on the upper floor, it is an easy place to spend the day. The friendly Canadian staff and loyal gathering of expat locals will also ensure that you leave with some new friends and stories to share.

Route 66

With the USA representing the highest number of expats in Korea, no review would be complete without including Route 66. This sports bar is the place to go for watching live American sports. Never miss a game, from basketball to college football and NFL everything is catered for and a lively atmosphere is guaranteed. With wing night and other weekly special events including all you can drink Bloody Mary and Mimosa on Sundays for just ₩18,000, Route 66 is the perfect cure for all those weekly headaches.

The Rose and Crown

Located a short distance from the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, the Rose and Crown offers the very best of British in Seoul. There is a wide selection of British lagers available on tap and bottled including Tennants and Newcastle Brown Ale. This combined with a fantastic menu featuring some British classics including Sheppard’s Pie and the all-important Fish and Chips ensure that you can also experience a taste of home in Seoul. The décor and music are also traditionally British, making you feel right at home.


Seoul’s 4 Trendiest Nightclubs

If you are here to party, Seoul is the correct place to be. Offering some of Asia and the world’s most renowned clubs and an electric fusion between western and eastern cultures, there is something for everyone in this monstrous urban dance floor.


Undoubtedly Seoul and one of Asia’s most famous clubs, Octagon has regularly been ranked among the world’s top 10 and this year features at number 5 in DJ Mag. Here you will find all of the top names in dance music. In recent years, Dash Berlin, W&W and Nic Fanciulli have all been visitors here.

The club is located in an affluent part of Gangnam with entrance and drink prices to match. Admission will be ₩30,000 with drinks setting you back on average ₩10,000-15,000 apiece. The experience though is electric. If you are on a budget, there is a convenience store right across the street for bargain drinks before hitting the tiles.


Open from Thursday to Sunday, Cakeshop, located in Itaewon, offers a more intimate setting while also catering for a diverse range of music depending on the night. Because it is located in Itaewon, the hub of international residents in Seoul, you can expect quite a westernized feel and music to match.

With entry priced at ₩20,000 including one free drink, there is value for money to be had and with typical opening hours between 10pm and 4am, you can be sure to party the night away, up close and personal with the hottest DJs in the city.

Do make allowances for the line though. Cakeshop is a club that is currently on the crest of the wave and Korea loves nothing better than a new trend, so the line can be upwards of an hour. Get there early.

Club Avenue

Located in the upscale Choengdam neighborhood of Gangnam, Avenue offers an eclectic mix of styles. With two floors in the club, one of which is reserved for VIPs and table service, you can be assured of the most thumping sound and spectacular laser show you have seen in the city.

Open super late into the night on weekends, often with a 6am closing time, this is the place to party till dawn in Gangnam. With a ₩30,000 cover charge including one free drink, it is to your benefit to stay as long as possible.

International superstars such as Deadmau5 have performed here and such is the trendy nature of both the area and club, you should dress appropriately with proper shoes and a collared shirt.

FFs/Gogos Hongdae

Riding the line between bar and club, this venue is a fusion combining the best of both. In the basement you have the intimate, cave like setting of FFs where live music is rocking the main stage till 11pm before the DJ booth takes over spinning the best 90s and classic rock mixes. Definitely suited to an over 25s crowd.

On the first floor and part of the same venue is are the more electronic sounds of Gogos. You are free to move between the two clubs for an entry fee of ₩10,000 and with a happy hour in FFs between 10pm-11pm where drinks are completely free….yes, free. Things can certainly get exciting fast. FFs/Gogos is located a short walking distance from Hongik University Station in Hongdae.

Running Your Business from a Distance

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Running a business is difficult enough for those of us who are there every day to monitor. However, things become exponentially more difficult if, for whatever reason you have to run your business from a distance. It is never an ideal situation and requires several characteristics and systems to be in place to ensure success.

If you find yourself in this situation, whether by choice or desire, here a few things you can do to ensure the continued success and growth of your business even in the absence of the owner.

Trust in Your Staff

Undoubtedly this will be the most difficult aspect for most entrepreneurs and business owners. Many of us have an innate desire to be in control and running the show essentially. This is one of the major characteristics which drives the desire to start a new business in the first instance. This is something you must surrender to a large extent if you wish to successfully run your business from a distance. You must trust your staff members. Regardless if they are family members, close friends and business partners, you must first trust them and allow them space to work without feeling crowded out or over-pressured.

Hiring Is Essential

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Going hand in hand with the previous point related to staff members is that you have to ensure as a point of utmost importance that you have hired the correct staff for the job. This is how you can then allow the trust to be built, when you are first confident in your hiring procedures. Reliability and trustworthiness are the two keys for hiring managers and employees in this situation. Business or sector knowledge can in fact be somewhat secondary in this respect.

It is also vital that employees are made to feel respected and valued. This is always the case regardless if you are close or far away, however it becomes even more vital from a distance. It is important that they feel adequately rewarded and not that they are essentially doing your job or profiting for you while you are perceived to be relaxing at a distance. Whether that is actually the case or not is irrelevant, the important factor is their perception of you.

Be Prepared to Give

In certain situations where it is simply impossible for you to adopt a hands on approach, it may be essential to give away some portion of your business to managers or staff members. This can range from low level revenue bonuses to larger equity stakes in the company.

This strategy will undoubtedly serve to motivate the employees and managers to work harder in your absence and it is even possible that it could improve business somewhat for you. It also removes your headaches of trusting the job that is being done somewhat, since it should now be in the best interests of all to see the company strive.

It is never an ideal situation, but there are always a variety of strategies available to help run your business from afar.

Getting the Most Out of Your Yoga Studio

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Achieving the maximum potential from any business enterprise is always a challenging task. Adding to that, the more spiritually free and liberating nature of a yoga studio and it becomes a grind to work the corporate machine and keep the financial wheels turning on occasion.

However the business itself may be aimed though, no matter the core values, one thing remains unchanged. Business need to make money. Not always extraordinary amounts, but enough to keep everything in check and the proverbial wolf from the door. This is where our handy guide hopefully steps in, providing a few useful tips on how you can see your yoga studio flourish without turning into a corporate demon.

Money Matters

This is the first key point and one which we have alluded to in the introduction. Sure, your core values may be to provide a sensual, stress-free and liberating environment of self-discovery and progression for your clients. However, you must remember two things:

  • The bills most certainly do not pay themselves.
  • Just because you make money doesn’t change your mission.

These are two essential points to note. You should in no circumstances feel bad about making money or feel that doing so in some way compromises the principles or ethics of your business. You can only continue providing your service so long as you make money!

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

It is key to keep expanding your goals in business. Set targets and when you reach those targets, be certain to set more. Sure, sometimes we will fail to reach these targets but that is what keep us motivated and striving to improve all the time.

As an entrepreneur, you are already a creative thinker, you just need to continue this thought process to keep maximizing your potential. Thinking outside the box and being imaginative in your ideas is key, even if you have been in the business for a long time. People respond to innovation and new challenges with positivity on the most part.

Be the Change you want to see

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Many of us may be guilty of constantly aspiring to change or saying all of the right things but never actually achieving them. People will be enthused by desire and acting on that desire. Therefore, if you see an area you believe you can move in to or strengthen, it’s important that you grasp that opportunity when it arises. Regardless of whether or not it turns out to be successful. You will garner the respect of your customers and colleagues for doing so and also feel more motivated within yourself.


As with all businesses, it is essential to try and look beyond the narrow viewpoint and see the bigger picture. This can help you not only understand the needs of the market but also further your own ambitions. Yoga is all about being flexible and achieving inner tranquility within the process. Treating your business outlook with the same flexibility will only lead to successful outcomes in the end.

The Best Of Cape Town

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Nestled beneath the imposing Table Mountain, Cape Town is perhaps one of the most striking cities you will see anywhere in the world.


Perhaps it’s a cliche, but this city is truly one of contrasts. The multicultural faces of Capetonians, the buzzing business district, the cool hangouts of Sea Point and Camps Bay, the shanty towns of Gugulethu and Mitchells Plain and the windswept wilderness of the Cape of Good Hope.


For most, a trip to Cape Town will be too short by at least half.


To make the most of your stay it is very helpful to have a car. There is decent public transport to most places, but having a car means you’ll be able to explore at will and get to certain spots without having to mess around waiting for the minibus taxes.


The Mountain

Helicopter, Ride, Flight, Exciting

First things first, you’ll need to head up to the top of Table Mountain and take in that magnificent view. Adult tickets cost ZAR255 return in the cable car, which takes around 5 minutes and is an experience in itself.


Once at the top you’ll be able to wander the network of footpaths spotting local wildlife such as the ubiquitous rock dassies (like big rodents but cuter).


Be warned, this is a mountain and the weather can change quickly. Its often advisable to bring a jumper or jacket, especially in later afternoon or early evening.


It is also possible to walk up the mountain on a day trek. There are websites, books and even tour guides who can tell you more.


Boulders Beach

Home to a large colony of African penguins, Boulders Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in CT, and for good reason.


Watching the penguins go about their daily business is fascinating. This one is a must if you have kids in tow. You can also relax on the beach although you’re not supposed to get close to the penguins as there are designated view points.


Entry is ZAR35 for adults or ZAR10 for kids under 12.


Cape Of Good Hope

Although not the southernmost tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope is where the Indian Ocean clashes into the Atlantic Ocean and is a great spot for some bracing sea air (obviously).


The area is a nature reserve and you’ll likely spot tortoises, zebras, baboons and around 250 species of bird. There are also several cafes and museums in the park as well as an old fort.


Entry to the protected area is ZAR135 for adults or ZAR70 for kids under 12.


Victoria And Alfred Waterfront

Cape Town, Table Mountain, Waterfront

Yes it’s a tourist attraction, but you’ll find plenty of locals taking a stroll around here too. The views of the city framed by the mountain are spectacular and there is a glut of shopping, dining and entertainment options.


In the summer you’ll find bands playing al fresco, young people hanging out, outside cinema events and pop up markets. If you come in the winter then there is plenty to do in the sprawling complex to keep away from the rain and wind.


You’ll find bay cruises and ferries to Robben Island departing from here too.


Robben Island

South Africa’s Alcatraz, this island complex was where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for the majority of his time in prison.


The crossing from V&A waterfront takes about half an hour and tours of the island take around 4 hours. Many tours are conducted by former inmates of the island. A fascinating look at the horrors of the apartheid regime.


Tickets including the ferry ride are ZAR230.




Around 15km north of Cape Town proper, Bloubergstrand is a small town with picture postcard views of Table Mountain.


Head here at dusk for some incredible silhouettes of the mountain with the twinkling lights of the city.


The beach here is also great for watersports such as wind surfing, kite surfing and run of the mill wave surfing.


Yoga, Girl, Beach, Sunset, Summer

One of the world’s best beach cities, there is a great selection of places to plant your towel and have a dip.


Clifton beach is where the beautiful people tend to hang out for the day and Camps Bay, a little further down, is a very upscale neighbourhood with a great wide beach. Being wide open, Camps Bay can get quite windy so check the forecast.


Be warned, at peak times all of the inner city beaches can get packed, although this can be part of the fun.


Beaches on the False Bay side can often be quieter, for example Fish Hoek.


Whale Watching

The South African Winter-Spring (July to December) is peak time to go whale watching. Head to Simons Town or Fish Hoek to take a cruise out into False Bay to see what you can see.


Bo-Kaap (The Malay Quarter) & The Townships


Just outside the CBD, Bo-Kaap is home to many quaint and colourful houses. The museum here is a fascinating look at the colonial history of Cape Town and the Muslim community that was and still is based in the area.


Another option is to see Bo-Kaap as part of a Township tour. This can be a fascinating way to see the non touristed side of Cape Town. Township tours are normally offered at hotels and hostels and can be a great way to provide a bit of tourist money to the areas traditionally away from the main hub of the city.


When visiting the townships, remember that this is a place where people live, so don’t treat it like a safari. Experience and engage with the culture, don’t just stand back and take photos.


No matter how long you spend in Cape Town you’re bound to be captivated by the charm of both the surroundings and the locals.

Attracting Customers to your Tour Business

In the tour business as with most others, people are the most important factor. The lifeblood of your business, without whom you would cease to exist. It is therefore necessary to identify and implement the best possible strategies to both attract and retain this vital resource. By following our few simple steps, you can be well on your way to gaining a valuable customer base.

Pinpoint Your Market

Essential in any business to ensure focus and a clear message to your audience, but especially in the tour industry market. There are several demographics, all of whom possess a very different set of needs when it comes to tourism. One of your first concerns should be to identify which market you aim your tours toward. Your primary target.

In doing this however, you should try not to alienate other markets, all of which contain possible customers. A good example of this is shown by Disney. Though their primary concern and focus is indeed to focus on the family with children market, they also show broad appeal to other demographics through their intelligent marketing strategies and providing a diverse range of options to their guests.

Use Social Media Platforms

Regardless of your opinion, it is undoubted nowadays that the use of social media plays an integral role in business success and attracting customers. Make sure you do not neglect this outlet. Our article on how to utilize your facebook followers, has some very relevant information on this area.

Even the older, retired demographic is internet and social media savvy these days. Be sure to engage frequently and promote using some social media advertising, paid if necessary. This will help grow your reach significantly. With so many platforms out there these days, you can’t miss an opportunity to post the next viral photo or video.

Incentivize Your Customers

Offer some incentives such as promotional codes, discounts for booking within a certain time period and also, greatly encourage your customers to share their positive experience and reviews online. This could be by posting to their social media or review sites such as trip advisor. These are the go to resources for potential travelers and will have a key impact on your company success.

Convenient Booking

This should be a priority area. It is no use having the best deals and most exciting tours on the market if your customers have to endure an endless struggle to book them. It is a major gripe for guests and can easily push them to one of your competitors.

Consider implementing a convenient integrated booking solution with your company’s website. This can greatly increase convenience for your potential guests and offer a very effective service for your company.



As the old saying goes, the customer is king. In this case, the challenge is for you to reach your customer in the best possible way and combine that with the best possible service. By implementing some of the steps above, you will make great strides in positioning your tour company well within the industry.

Opening a yoga studio

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular among the people across the globe, owing to its relaxation, exercise, and other health benefits. Bikram yoga is one of the most famous types of yoga forms around the world. It is one of the widely practiced forms of exercise today in which the person accomplishes a sequence of 26 poses and two different breathing workouts in a hot or heated room. The temperature of the room where this form of exercise is practiced is set to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with over 40% humidity. This is why this type of training is also called as hot yoga. This kind of exercise is primarily practiced globally with an aim to improve mental and physical health naturally.

Step One


It is suggested that you should enroll in a nine-week yoga training program which is offered by some reputed training institute in your area. Remember, the institute that you will select should be registered with Yoga Alliance. It is important because it indicates that the institute is authorized to offer the quality training program yoga. Moreover, you should select those institutes where disciplines of founders Yoga offer classes. After successful completion of this course, you will be provided with a certificate mentioning that now you are a certified professional to impart lessons on this form of exercise.

Step Two

Try to determine the demand for this form of exercise in your area and community. Consult with students of other yoga classes and also visit other health clubs to know the need of this training. You may also place some fliers and signs soliciting interest at all the health food stores near your area. To display fliers and advertisements on the bulletin board, you may require permission from the management.


Step Three

Now it is the time to create an effective business plan for your center. Make a  list of things like cost of rent, pricing, a cost of types of equipment, and utilities that you need to purchase for your center. Moreover, you need to decide the operation hours and also need to determine whether you require additional professional or not. According to experts, the operating cost of a center varies; depending upon different factors, but a general estimate can be prepared quickly.


Step Four

Find a building or a room where you can open your center. Sign the lease agreement with the landlord. But, before signing the rental agreement, it is suggested to have the agreement reviewed by your attorney. Renting a building or a room is the largest expense in operating or opening a center for yoga.


It is suggested that you should only invest in the supplies that are essential for the operation of your center. Though they are optional, the yoga mat is the most critical equipment that your center must have for the trainees who don’t bring their own.


These are some of the most important things that you must remember about the simple steps you need to follow for starting your yoga studio. They are among the most crucial things I believe someone should consider when opening a studio. Consider your time, plan it out, then, if it still looks and seems best for your family, takes the jump.



Scheduling Software

From start-up businesses to well-established corporations, every company can benefit from a free staff rostering program to simplify their tedious business tasks.

As most business owners know, to ensure constant improvement you must seek innovative, useful tools. An employee scheduling program will assist the business owners and managers to become more productive and organized.

Benefits of employee free scheduling software as well as augmenting returns and making things easier when it comes to staff coverage, staff rostering programs also helps employ an operational work routine.

Normally to get inside of an office building employees were required to use a key card. Utilizing free employee scheduling software eliminates the need for an access/time card.

Time scheduling software is especially advantageous for shift managers who are not familiar with or have problems with developing appropriate shift schedules. This software calculates the availability of every employee, which makes the shift managers’ job a lot easier.

Guidelines on Selecting the Appropriate Employee Scheduling Program

You always have the option of choosing from many establishments that provide staff shift templates. Keep in mind; it’s logical to take the time out to do a little research before you decide on which team roster program is best for your business.

Listed below are certain qualities you should be searching for to look out for: 

Free scheduling software must incorporate successful techniques to arrange ventures centered on the grade of priority or necessity.

Labor scheduling programs should be able to supply an approximate plan regarding the time needed to conclude various responsibilities. For maximum outcomes, choose programs that accompany advanced analytical options.

The employee scheduling program should be comprehensible. The process of importing or exporting data and task scheduling has to be simple to comprehend and implement.

The employee scheduling software must permit you to arrange work routines for days, weeks and months. It should give you the option to revise the schedules at any given time.

You have also got to consider the cost of software. This would represent the cost of the software in addition to installation and set-up charges. Sometimes  professional service can cost twice as much as the expense of the software  package.

This remarkable program covers all aspects of the staff, their abilities, shift schedules and shift coverage in your company with the press of a button. A free employee scheduling software helps to retain an efficient work flow and helps you to stay aware of any deadlines you must keep. In addition to more active business operations, you will be pleased to see the business grow.

Virtually all companies offering field services have resorted to software for reducing timing and administration costs. This way of carrying out booking and dispatch has recently been more advantageous compared to manual methods which were recently employed. Now that individual company has been offering free field service software; it is something worth trying.

Everything will become dull, so you don’t need to work harder. Business scheduling software is an excellent tool which makes business management a lot easier. It has a broad range of archive which keeps the data of all your clients and your employees for your fitness club.